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Richard Lewis, mastermind and professor, more nurturing than he cares to admit, has finally learned the vocoder, which had been a lifelong goal. He was once in the 80's pop group Movieland (album and video on RCA records, if you can find them). He was also part of the influential cult band called the Jellies. Two old singles by the Jellies became so popular that they have recently been re-released: "Jive Baby On A Saturday Night" and "The Conversation".

Danielle Meara, sitar and keyboards. Danielle studied hindustani music at Salem State University and graduated with a degree in music in 2011. She has been composing music since the age of 13. www.evor.com/fragilefear/

Dan "Purple" Hayes, master of the theremin and purveyour of the turntables, has been a part of the underground dance music scene since the 1990's, when he worked at the Paradise and M-80 nightclubs and frequented the Axis, Avalon, and Aria nightclubs in Boston. At the time, DJ Purple Hayes was known for his sets at many Boston after-hours parties. www.myspace.com/purplehayes8/music

Rick Hansen, drummer and percussionist, has played everything from rockabilly to big band music. He brings his evergrowing percussion contraption and giant toy box of fun to every gig.

Dan Kupka, accordionist extraordinaire, lives in Salem.

Brian Lambers, ace guitarist, is studying at Salem State University.

Our thanks to so many contributors of love, music, voices, words, artwork, expression, design, talent: Kelly Jean Hollen, Doug Cabot, Matt Natti, Olga Kouznetsova, Amethyste Spardel, Gunnar Spardel, Jacyn Tremblay, Janine Matho, Caroline Forrester, James Forrest, Spira Politis, Emily Halpern, Brian Fraley, Michael Boudreau, Terry Bastian, Midge Lyon, Emma Kathryn Michell, Revolve to Evolve, Arthur Balasny, Kate Anderson, Hannah Barth, Andrew Scannell, Alan Mayo, Alexis Pacelli, Maureen Quinquis, Haig Demarjian, Roger Celestin, Nicole Sterling, Sonia Domkarova, Moses Kamau, Ken Reker, Julian Matthews, Nicole Huynh, Mark Keene, and countless others. This project just keeps getting bigger and bigger!